Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update on Veggie Status

We've made some real progress this week. I have a feeling there will be a few items left, but I will either plant them (garlic, for instance) or offer them up to my brother.

So here are some of the things we ate this week:

 This bread salad was killer. We ate it a few times this week and probably would have eaten more if we hadn't run out of basil. Delicious!

I know, not super exciting. This has been my typical lunch recently. Working my way through the carrots and stone fruits. The second picture was arguably a failure. We were shooting for sopes, but were just using what we had on hand (which did not include masa harina). It ended up being more like a piece of cornbread with a bunch of stuff on top. It tasted alright, but it wasn't what we were really going for. Oh well. The good news was that B made fresh salsa and guacamole that turned out perfectly.

Roasted green beans. Yum. And sweet potato hash. This is one of my favorite breakfasts. It's decadent, for sure, but really delicious.

Chicken Caesar salad on naan. Totally a no-brainer recipe after a long work day. And an almond-plum tart. The opposite of a no-brainer. For us, anyway. I don't think we pulled this out of the oven until 10pm. I didn't even want any by that time, but I took a small slice and was really pleased with the results. We've been enjoying it all week and I swear it's gotten better (more almondy) over time.

We've also roasted up broccoli, made a pasta with the zucchini and ricotta and I think B had a big traditional lettuce salad for lunch once or twice.

We probably would have gotten through everything, but we ended up missing some meals at home. Tonight, our neighborhood is hosting a block party and we plan to cut up some remaining items in the fridge for a veggie platter to share with everyone.

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