Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super baby shark

It's been a while, hasn't it? Oh well, moving on...
When my friend A and I were in high school, we were a bit weird.
Not bullied, but not necessarily cool either. We had enough friends and social events to keep from feeling like total losers, but we also had a bit of freedom to do things really cool kids can't get away with.
One example of this was how we altered our P.E. uniforms. I'm not sure what other schools provide or require, but our were double sided t-shirts (essentially a navy t-shirt sewn to a white t-shirt) which allowed us to easily switch shirt colors to play team games during P.E. 
Anyway, it must have been around sophomore year when we realized that armed with nothing more than a pair of scissors, we could make our P.E. shirts into costumes. If you can imagine it, we took the seaming out that connected the navy shirt to the white shirt, leaving the hem intact only at the back of the neck. Then it was just a matter of flipping the navy shirt out through the neckhole and
ta-da, we had capes. Yes, capes. In high school P.E. We took is a step further making wristbands and masks out of the navy shirt sleeves.
I know you're thinking we must have gotten stuffed in a locker for such geekiness.
Or at least in trouble with the P.E. teacher?
But no, we just giggled our way through that class with our newly fashioned costumes. It was pretty awesome. I have lots of great memories of hanging out with A, but that's always one of my favorites.
Now A is days away from giving birth to her first baby and she lives on the other side of the country. She has chosen not to learn the sex ahead of time, as many women do, and has taken to calling her little one Baby Shark.
Since many of her friends and family are still over on the West Coast, she's asked folks to send a scrap of fabric to represent them so she can introduce Baby Shark to everyone even when they aren't present. It's a sweet idea and I was trying hard to come up with what scrap to send.
I wanted to send a scrap from my old P.E. shirt.
But, since it's long gone, I decided Baby Shark needed his/her own P.E. shirt costume.

Seeing as how it is just one day until Halloween, it seemed appropriate to share this little project. All it took was a onesie, an old (or new) t-shirt, and whatever else you want to put on it. I went with the shark theme, obviously.

As you can see, I included a mask made from the sleeve, although a fully realize babies probably don't like masks. Whatever. It's part of the kit. And no gift is complete without pretty packaging.

Or as pretty as I can manage. What I lack in calligraphy skills, I make up for in shiny ink.

Have you ever made a baby costume? Have you ever worn a cape to P.E. class? Do tell.

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