Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 5 Projects of 2013

Happy 2014, everybody!

Last year was a pretty good one, don't ya think? This year is starting off with a lot of sniffles and sneezes (ugh!) in our house, but I know it's gonna get better from here!

In 2013, B and I had a few big adventures (like France and Spain!) and did some projects around the house (though you'd never know it since I haven't shared updates on our kitchen and bedroom...coming soon, I swear!), but I think the little DIY decor and craft projects were the most fun to share. And I guess you think so too, but they were some of my most popular posts!

Here were the top 5 projects of 2013:

Number 5

DIY Leather Strap Hurricane: this was the easiest project of all! A few inexpensive belts, cut and buckled, gave a new look to a plain vase.

Number 4

Super Easy Felt Pillow: wrapping up the year with a project which would make a great addition to your home, or a great gift for someone else (and as usual, I made it without a sewing machine!)

Number 3

DIY Captain's Mirror: this project proudly hangs on our bedroom wall, and I really do love it. I think even B has come around on this one. :)

Number 2

DIY Gramophone iPhone Speaker: B and I came up with this novelty speaker for a Christmas gift, and it turned out so cute!

Number 1

DIY Woven Rope Basket: this project was by far, the most popular one I shared this year (and likely the reason you're reading this now!). I've loved seeing other crafters and bloggers try their hand it it too!

Thanks to every single one of you who stopped by to check out my blog. I can't wait to share new projects with you in the coming year. And with that said, I have some exciting news to share...

I (along with fifteen other rad ladies) am going to be a contributor on Remodelaholic this year! I'm honored to be among some really great bloggers, and I hope I can bring some fun and inspiring ideas with my home decor and gardening roundups!


  1. have you thought of creating an etsy shop and selling these items? might be a nice little side hustle!

  2. I had thought about an etsy shop, but didn't know what I might sell. Thanks for the suggestion!