Friday, February 1, 2013

Bedroom revamp saga - Part One-ish

I know I mentioned last week that I'm planning to repaint the bedroom. I'm still planning to, but I cannot seem to stay focused on what I want to do with it.

Obviously, it needs some life. Artwork. More substantial curtains. Lamps with some form.

The West Elm duvet (in Slate) that I had once loved has faded to a dramatically different color than the matching pillow cases. We don't actually sleep on the pillow cases, so I wash them much less often. Is that a common problem? Should I be washing them anyway to be consistent?

And then there's the headboard.


It was a nice DIY project B and I did a couple years ago using the remains of an old Ikea headboard. We used a natural hemp fabric that lasted about a day before our cats started using it as a scaling wall/scratching post. Not to say the cats won't do it again, but it wasn't an appropriate fabric choice for upholstery anyway. B and I still like the general color of it, so it won't look that different when we redo it. Anyway, it should be a quick fix.

Of course, Julius feels differently about it.

Thanks for your design perspective, dude.

On the floor is a rug that I still like, but is clearly a bit small, even for a room that is obviously quite small. If I find something amazing to replace it, it might find a new home. But for now, it stays.

What I failed to capture in these photos, but I'm sure you're familiar with, is the boob light on the ceiling.

The replacement I want for it is one of the only choices for the room I made right away.

It is the Dustin Dodecahedron Pendant by Ralph Lauren. And it's wayyy out of my price range. So, of course I thought oh, we could totally make that!

 B and I picked up a bunch of 3/4" square dowels at Home Depot for next to nothing.

I was congratulating us for recreating the light before we'd even considered how it was going to fit together. 

I mean, in my mind, I thought you'd cut each end at 108° to make a bunch of pentagons and then you'd stick them all together. Easy peasy. (sidenote: I totally had to google "how to make a degree symbol" just now.)

And maybe that would have possibly worked. But we'll never know because as I was checking to see if anyone else had attempted to make one, I found this. Aaaand, once I visited View Along the Way to read the tutorial, I knew I was in way over my head. 

The silver lining? Kelly and her math-tastic husband are selling their homemade versions of this very light for a fraction of the price!

If I had not already placed my own order, I would not be sharing this awesomeness with you now. 

What do you think? Are you going to get one too? Are you completely stunned by the geometric complexity involved?


  1. Got to *ove* a kitty who speaks French! Your headboard and comforter are pretty!

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  2. lol! Love the hey girl photo!! I think that's what you should use for your bedroom artwork!!

    Happy decorating :)

  3. I'm excited to see the light in your room. Kelly and Andy are pretty awesome. Thanks for joining the link up with that great Julius photo!

  4. Your sweet kitty has such an amazing design eye.

    I'm so excited to see that you have a blog so that (hopefully!) I get to see the light in your space. EEK! This just made my night! I can't WAIT! :)

    (PS: I totally thought you could make a bunch of pentagons and stick them together too! I'm so glad I wasn't alone in that. I couldn't understand why it took Andy two weeks to figure it out, then when I saw him put it together, I was like, ohhhhhhhh. Oops. Then I felt guilty for asking him to make it, but then when it was done, the guilt magically disappeared. ha!)

    1. I can't wait! I hope you'll come check it out when we've put it up!

  5. Okay, I actually love your bedroom. I mean, the upgraded light sounds awesome, and I can't see the cat scratches, but while not over the top exciting, I look at your room pictures and don't think boring, but peaceful, serene, soothing. Some bedrooms these days are awesome, but too busy for me. I love this simplicity. Funny, that I will pin them as inspiration, and you are so ready to change. (Although change is good.) Who knows, whatever you end up doing I'll probably think is great, just thought I'd share it appeals to me now.

    1. Thanks Sarah! Peaceful and serene is what I had hoped for. I guess after a while you just get kind of used to it and want to change it up a bit. I am glad you like it though. I'm flattered that you pinned it!