Monday, January 27, 2014

Ombre Heart Wreath

I had an impulse to craft something cute for Valentine's Day (despite the fact we don't really celebrate it) and I didn't want to spend any money (I feel like that is how all of my craft projects begin). I thought a little wreath of some sort might be fun and easy.

First, I rummaged through our recycling bin for some cardboard and packing paper. You could also go the styrofoam wreath route, if dumpster crafting is not for you!

I traced out the largest heart I could fit.

Then I drew a smaller heart inside, and cut it out.

Then I rolled up scrap kraft paper (newspaper would work well too!) and wrapped tape around it. This was to give the wreath some dimension. It looks pretty rough at this stage, but once the yarn is on, it isn't so lumpy and uneven.

I went through the yarn I had on hand and picked some colors that might work well together.

Then I just started wrapped yarn around the wreath, trying to put even amounts of each color on either side.

So simple, and the price is right for a piece of decor which will only be up for a short while.

Also, did you see my Chalkboard Valentine on Instagram?


  1. Very clever use of otherwise tossed out recycling! I like this a lot! You could do the same for Christmas, Easter and other holidays as well. A bell or star, an egg or a imagination is going wild now. Good inspiration Chick pea :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, the possibilities are endless, I think!

  2. Cute idea and I love that you made it so inexpensively! Those kinds of crafts/projects are always my favorite.

  3. Oh I love this! I might have to steal this idea from you to make a letter wreath.

    Just wanted to come by and thank you for commenting on my blog about the 50% coupon I was totally missing (I thought it was already reflected in the price). Thanks to you, I got the rug I preferred for a great price.