Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bedroom revamp saga - Part Two-esque

Excuse Julius' inappropriate photobomb position.

Wow, I really do finish projects at a snail's pace. I mean, in February I was all "Ooh, I can barely wait to paint my room!" Aaaand then I bought the paint and did nothing.

Well, not nothing. I've made some small changes.

I've purchased new bedding, curtains, accessories, and a light fixture. And I recovered the headboard with a tablecloth which actually worked out really well. I recommend it. (Although you may want to be more careful than I was so that you don't end up with unintentional "tufting" which my loving husband refers to as buttcracks. It's not as bad as it sounds. The buttcracks are subtle and the fabric is holding up well.

Oh, you couldn't tell I went to art school? Shocker.

The light fixture (skillfully drawn in above) is sitting on our dresser waiting for us to figure out how to cover up the hole in the ceiling left behind by the boob light. This problem never occurred to me when I ordered my pretty new light. One of these days, folks!

For the bedding, I really wanted a crisp white duvet. But we have two cats (one black, one orange) so unless I want to wash my duvet cover every freaking day, it just isn't going to happen. So I picked up a plain charcoal duvet cover at Ikea that is fine. A bit shiny, but fine. I would have picked something with some cool pattern, but I accidentally fell in love with these sheets I saw at Target. Seriously, I love them. They look old timey, and the quality is amazing. They even have straps built in to keep the sheets from pulling off the corners of the mattress. Am I the only person who tosses and turns enough to do that constantly? Seriously, best sheets.

The pictures on the wall are sort of random, but they make me happy. My husband is an aspiring photographer and likes to try out arty effects when he snapping pics. (Not like instagram filters and photoshop effects, but exposures and things.) These pictures are photographs of a fireworks display we watched last Fourth of July that B took. I like them visually, but I extra like them because he took them.

Ay oh way oh, ay oh way oh... walk like an Egyptian.

A few other items I added were the canvas box on the shelf of my bedside table to store junk magazines and other items I want to keep nearby (which I added a decorative ribbon to for a bit of color), a few decorative pillows for the bed, and the cute little vases from Target. And my little wood mannequin.

Oh, and see the Captain's Mirror drawn in on the left side up above? (What, you couldn't tell that's what it was?) Well, I (like many other people) have fallen for the $1,200 specimen from BDDW. I've been on the lookout for a good knockoff. I've seen some at the low low price of $300, but I want a better price than that. And I have a plan. In fact, it is underway, so stay tuned!

Bedroom, in February
Bedroom, in April

So am I on the right track? Or does it look pretty much the same? Or, gulp, was it better before?

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  1. What a lovely room! I wish we could get to our bedroom one of these days too!

  2. HI Cici,
    I noticed that you were a noreply blogger so I came back here to let you know that my curtains are form IKEA! They are so fun (and pretty cheap)!