Monday, December 10, 2012

Not a pillow tutorial because I sew with a glue gun

[I wanted to share my mantel this morning, but was having tachnical difficulties. Stay tuned though!]

Yeah, that's right. I can't sew.

Or rather, I can sew by hand but that's hardly practical for more than mending. And I do actually have a sewing machine, but I am confounded by the setting up of it all. If someone can get that part done, I'm good. But then I suppose most anyone can sew if they are given a machine that's all threaded and ready to go.

But I can hot glue like a champ! And when I was rummaging around in my various boxes of art supplies, I found a little bag of mirrored discs which got my wheels turning.

I took a pillow cover I already had and copied it with a piece of drop cloth (yes, the same drop cloth from which I cut the snowflakes!) And hey, in 5 minutes flat, it looked like a real live pillow.

Then I layed out the 26 little mirror discs and tried to make something resembling a snowflake.

I ended up going with something in between. I glued down the discs and voilĂ ! a snowflake pillow!

If you've ever cuddled up to drop cloth and mirror, you may have guessed that this isn't the softest pillow, but I like the look and it cost me zero bucks to make, so I think that's a win.

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  1. Haha! I love the title of this post... The pillow looks awesome and I can imagine it probably isn't the cuddliest but hey, it looks awesome so that's all that matters. :)