Sunday, October 30, 2016

30+ Inexpensive Throw Pillows

This post contains affiliate links for the products shown.

Doesn't Fall just make you want to spruce up your house? We have more guests visit in the last three months of the year than any other time and it always makes me look at our home with a critical eye.

Some things take more planning (the mantel and built-ins I want to build in the living room!) but others are quick. And when they can be done for under $20 bucks, they are also pretty painless.

Since storing pillow covers is much easier than storing full pillows, most of these options are just for covers. Then you can swap them out as your mood, style, or the season changes without guilt.

Row 2: Grey Cable Knit  |  Yellow Grey V  |  Navy Ikat Ogee (set of two)

Row 2: Triangle Line  |  Brown Y  |  Olive Z

Row 1: White Leaves  |  Green Stem  |  Hello
Row 3: Retro Birds  |  Grey Cardigan (includes insert)  |  Green Hexagons